Nutrition Counseling

Every mama-to-be wants the best for their growing baby, but sometimes it can be hard to find reliable information on nutritional needs from a holistic perspective.

Kenda Sutton-EL, a holistic nutritionist, is also one of our executive directors.

She is passionate about educating parents-to-be on what fruits, vegetables, and supplements they need for themselves and their new baby, and what they should plan to avoid.

Kenda knows how many uncomfortable symptoms can accompany pregnancy, but she also knows there are simple nutritional steps you can take to help support your body during this turbulent time. If you are suffering from morning sickness, fatigue, back pain, stretch marks, or other symptoms, don’t despair. Kenda can help guide you through finding a natural solution that meets your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice about the wide variety of holistic practices available to you.

Our Pregnancy Nutritional Counseling Program includes:

  • Natural solutions to 27 common pregnancy symptoms
  • Pregnancy power foods
  • Superfoods and supplements to avoid when pregnant
  • 15 pregnancy friendly recipes for the first trimester and beyond
  • Key pregnancy nutrients and supplements for each trimester
  • Benefits of yoga when pregnant and which poses to modify
  • Essential oils safety and DIY skincare recipes

You may benefit from Pregnancy Nutritional Counseling if you:

  • Want to make an informed choice about the holistic practices you choose to apply during your pregnancy
  • Are looking for straightforward and easy to understand information
  • Want to make healthy and holistic choices for yourself and your baby
  • Want to know what foods are the best to eat while pregnant
  • Are wondering if the supplements you are taking are safe to take during pregnancy
  • Are experiencing pregnancy symptoms but don’t want to turn to medication or expensive wellness treatments
  • Love boosting your diet with awesome superfoods but are worried that some are unsafe when pregnant
  • Want to find out which essential oils are safe for your growing baby

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