Your guide to birth


We are here to provide you with state of the art, comprehensive and fun class that will give you and your partner the knowledge and practical skills to approach labor, birth and postpartum with confidence. Our curriculum is evidence based, detail oriented and easy to understand.

All Classes

In these classes, you

  • Discuss birth and labor with others with similar concerns

  • Learn how to be the greatest support for the birth by bonding and taking classes with your partner

  • Learn about pain relief options

  • Decrease anxiety by learning ahead during the birthing process.

  • Gain confidence on your pregrancy before your due date

Parent Support Group

Need to get the opinion of other parents, need assistance with breastfeeding, postpartum, cloth diapers, and baby-wearing etc? When you just need to talk to someone who knows what you’re going through, our parent support group is here.

Birth Tools

Have you ever wanted to know how to use the birth tools properly prior to labor? Here’s your chance!

Natural Childbirth Class

This class provides information on strategies for a low intervention birth and how to properly manage pain during labor.


Through pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding

Dad’s Childbirth Classes is a course that takes fathers-to-be through the journey of understanding pregnancy, stages of labor, birth plan, breastfeeding, and much more!

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